One exercise we had on our Social Psychology class required us to write down as many, “I am’s” in a 1/4th paper. Turns out, the only thing I can ever write with full confidence is “I am Tara.” Kalibog man lang magsuwat mahitungod sa imong pagkatao.

Pero sige, basics.

Tara Prieto. Year of the Rat. Taurus. Iska. Tambok nga taas nga mura’g si Brienne of Tarth pero bitchy na mura’g si Cersei Lannister. Naa pa ay:

  • Manunuwat. Feeling Balakera.
  • Feeling singer ug gitarista.
  • Artist kunuhay.
  • Hilig ko’g comics ug superhero movies. Guilty pleasure jud. Sabta.
  • Linkin Park is my favorite band. Muse comes near second.

If mahitungod sa blog man sad ang inyong gipangita, uh… I am not sure where I am heading with this. Like my title says, the posts here are probably gonna end up being excretes of a pen with diarrhea (or on difficult times, constipation). Oh! I can add this one;

  • Can be fixated on using defecation as a “metaphor” for writing.
  • Shit.
  • I also like Shrek.

Mana oy! Di na ko.


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    Ageless. A dull soul trapped in a hyperactive meat suit. This blog is for my "literary" pieces that I deem publishable online. Reader discretion is advised.
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    The year 2017 was a big milestone. It could've been a coming of (adult?) age story for me if I actually had written at all. Finding new places, new homes, a new heart to love--- everything I kept in my memory. I hope I survive the next year again. It was some form of worship being in the Cathedral Cove for Jesus's birthday.
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